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Caller phoned because her now screaming 2-year-old bit a hole through his tongue which is, of course, bleeding profusely…Caller advised to have it seen by an MD…

Caller:   But – I can’t take him to see an MD – I have a baby to take care of here too, and my husband has a fractured toe and he can’t walk and I have to work in a while and I still have to go to the grocery store and my friends are coming over for a party tonight……

Me: (in my head) Yup. Sooooo inconvenient…..


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Sore Throat

Caller phones because of a sore throat for 3 days – now 10 pm – wants to go to ED.  Ruled out anything life-threatening, and was triaged as “Home Treatment”.

ME: Have you tried gargling with salt water? You put 1 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water….

CALLER: I did that once and it didn’t help.

ME: Once??  Only once??

CALLER: Ya… yesterday – and my throat is still sore!

ME:  You know that you have to do it more than once, don’t you??   Try gargling at least once per hour – for several days.  It’s not an instant magic cure……you have to be consistent…. meanwhile – have you tried a vaporizer at night, lozenges, and an OTC pain reliever??

CALLER:  Well, no………..that’s what I was going to Emergency for….

ME: You don’t want to go to ED….not unless your throat is swelling shut and you are having trouble breathing or swallowing your own spit…. meanwhile – just make an appointment with your own MD’s office if you have any concerns…..

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