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Mom is phoning because, after visiting her MD for mastitis, was told she should stop breastfeeding:

Caller: Can I still breast feed even with an infection?

ME: There are very few reasons you have to stop breast feeding – and that is not one of them!

Caller: Should I pump and dump my milk?

ME: No! Keep breast feeding.  In fact, breast feeding helps the infection resolve by clearing the ducts – just put warm compresses on first and take an OTC pain reliever an hour before!   There is no reason why you have to stop breast feeding!  Your baby might find your milk a little “salty” and not like it as much at first….but it is not harmful!

Ok MD’s out there, wtf?


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ME:  How can I help you?

CALLER:  I am sixteen weeks pregnant and I think I might need to go to Emergency.

ME: Are you bleeding? 

CALLER: (turning to partner-yelling) Am I bleeding?

Partner: (from the other side of the room) Nope.

ME: Do you have pain?

CALLER: (turning to partner again) Am I having pain?

ME: (In my head) AAAAAARRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!

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Caller is a Post partum mom has a toothache and is wondering what drugs she can take while breastfeeding:

CALLER: I have a little bit of a toothache, can I take tylenol? I am breastfeeding and my baby is only a month old.

Me: Didn’t you take tylenol in the hospital and also when you got home after your delivery?

CALLER: Yes…. for my cramps and bottom….
Me: well, it sounds like you and your MD felt it safe enough to take tylenol while you were nursing a couple weeks ago when your baby was younger………..don’t you think it would be reasonable to expect you could take one now……?

CALLER:  Yes, but I was taking it for a different reason……..

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